The One Place I Always Lose Track of Time

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My favorite part of my morning exercise is above.

It’s the 15 minutes I spend walking to the track and the 30 minutes I spend stretching and sitting back looking at the sky that I enjoy the most. It sounds counterproductive but I need this moment in my day.

Aman Litt recently wrote a post called, “When was the Last Time You Lost Track of Time.”

By this point, you’ve noticed I love the outdoors. I’m always outside writing, exercising, at the park with my kids, doing everything possible to stay outside as long as possible. It’s my favorite place when the weather is nice.

Nature is my peace.

I remember taking long walks with my friend in Costa Rica last year. We would leave at 7am with a few snacks and I would tell her,

“Okay, I need to be back in an hour tops. I have to get some work done.”

An hour would come and go and  when she would check with me on the time, I would hesitate and say,

“Let’s keep going.”

It was sometimes noon by the time we returned home. I always lost track of the time-I wanted to.


It’s always that way in nature, in the moments of stillness, everything is magnified. The crunching of feet on the gravel, the sounds of breeze rustling through the leaves and the feel of it against my skin…the birds chirping and the sight of hundreds of butterflies dancing around brightly colored flowers.

That’s what always gets me.

Mr. Molly Maguire wrote a post about being on the beach and said,

“It’s such a magical place. Time doesn’t exist there. Even real life doesn’t really exist there.”

It’s the perfect description. I’ve always left my walks feeling grateful and appreciative of the beauty that surrounds us.

Aman’s post reminded me everyone needs that thing they love and can get lost in.

I love most the things I do in life, but nothing quite matches the way I feel when I’m in nature.


Thank you for reading!

❤ Aleesha

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