The Time I Chickened Out of a Teaching Position

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Today, I received an e-mail reinviting me to apply to a contract teaching position.

5 months ago, while I was still in Costa Rica, I applied to VIP kids. They are a company that connects English speaking teachers with Chinese students.

I never got past the last part of the application process. 

Several years ago, when I originally thought about traveling, I found out teaching English abroad was a great way to break into travel without having to live off a large chunk of savings. It was and still is how a lot of travelers make a living. In countries like China and Korea, schools reimburse teachers for flights, visas, and room & board, in addition to providing a monthly salary.

In Latin American countries, like Costa Rica, opportunities are still available, but they aren’t as plentiful and the pay and benefits aren’t quite as good.

I heard about VIP Kids from our home school evaluator.

The day I applied, they got back to me right away. I was approved, the only thing I had to do was a record a 5-minute video of myself teaching their pre-made lesson plan.

 I chickened out. 

I think I would have done it, had they not provided a sample video of what they were looking for.

In the sample was a blonde haired woman. She had a picture of a map and other colorful learning materials posted to her wall. My job was to record a pretend lesson mimicking the energy and hand gestures in the video.

It went something like this:

“Hellloo!!” (Teacher is cheesing and waving her hands excitedly, she than cups her hand over her ear for the student’s response.)

“My name is Teacher Maria!” (She is still smiling from ear to ear and pointing her fingers at herself.)

“What’s your name? (Her face has not changed and now she points her finger at the imaginary student on the other end of the camera. She then draws her arms back and leaves her smile for an inquisitive face while shrugging her shoulders and throwing her hands in the air.)

My description is not giving the video justice, but the lady is hype, SUPER hype. And though I’m a bit excitable myself, her video was making me cringe.

“Uh-uh, not doing all that.”

I clicked off the screen. Over the next few days, I logged back into my profile to reevaluate the video and my position but I never wound up going through with the process.

I think I should have at least tried and maybe done my version of things.

I still think VIP Kids is a cool opportunity and it hasn’t left my shelf as a future idea. If not that directly, one day I would love to teach while traveling abroad.

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