There is No Better Time to Start Than Now

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This morning was the 12th episode of the podcast.

As odd as it may sound, I’m finally used to getting up at 1:30 am to do the episode and then going back to bed shortly after

Last night we talked about CM Barrett’s post, “Is it Too Late for Something New?” It’s filled with so many awesome quotes and wisdom about aging and living in the moment. It has me wanting to start a series of interviews with people from the 70+ crowd. I’d love to collect all those nuggets of wisdom and have them stored forever in a recording.

We could all learn a lot.

Though we’re still in the beginning stages, I’m starting to like podcasting a lot. For the moment, I’m better at writing but I don’t think that will be the case for too long.

Writing is sometimes unpredictable. One day I might surprise myself, spend only an hour on a post and come up with something I deem to be amazing and another I may spend 2 hours and get only a few hundred struggle words out.

Though I strive to write as expediently as possible, most days there is no hard set time frame.

Podcasting is a completely different game.

We give ourselves 30(ish) minutes tops and there’s no editing or need to make this creative masterpiece. We’re just spilling out our thoughts as they come and then publishing them. If I had our recordings transcribed onto paper, it might even seem a bit messy, but somehow that’s more acceptable during a conversation.

It doesn’t need to be as polished.

When I started this whole podcasting venture without a cohost, I intended to only do 1 episode per week.

In the back of my mind, I wanted to do more and thought it would be awesome if I could talk to a different person from a different part of the world every day of the week. But I also thought the idea was a bit impractical.

How would I schedule and track all those interviews?

It turns out my idea just needed a little tweaking and it came in the form of a cohost. Though we are still looking to invite guests on the show, there’s no pressure to have a new and different person to talk to each day.

What always gets me is that at the end of this year, we’re going to have 200 something odd episodes.

It’s crazy to me that me speaking to my friend on Anchor is considered content and that writing a 2-3 minute piece on Medium is content too. It all lives forever and is essentially done for free; the only cost is time.

But what is time when you love what you do?

Anybody can record a 10-minute blurb about a topic they’re passionate about.

Anybody can write out their thoughts on Medium or their blog.

There are so many ways to start talking to the world and for those who have something to say, there is no better time to start than now.


Thanks for reading ❤


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