To Be Able to Create is To Be Able to Have Infinite Possibilities

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I still haven’t finished my doodle from the other night.

It is supposed to be a custom design for a merch line I’m starting (side project) but I’m stuck. I used to be good at drawing but now I’m just rusty. It’s like that side of my artistic abilities has evaporated into thin air.

Save last year, when I made some designs in Illustrator (without sketching first), I haven’t drawn anything in probably over 10 years. The last time was likely in a high school art class.

So I’m trying to get my artistic juices flowing again.

Today, I received a notification from one of my favorite YouTubers, Mr. Ben Brown. He’s been on a break from the YouTube scene, but he came back today with some custom designed merch.

The design was a simple rose with the phrase, “Time vs. Intensity” etched on the top. He even has the same rose tatted on his arm.

I probably won’t go as far as to get a tattoo but that’s how I look at things when I create them, I want them to have meaning. At least that’s been part of my intent.

If I look at my collection of 172 posts, I probably  ‘wowed’ myself on only about 10 of them.

But that’s the thing with creating, you do it over and over and over again until you hit gold and if you really love the process, you keep doing it some more.

One of my favorite posts on Medium about creating is “The Painter (yes, small P).” 

It’s a true story about an art exercise Hank M. Greene had to partake in. During the course of a semester, an art instructor had the students in Hank’s class work their hardest to paint their best piece of work, which they dutifully did.

And then after their masterpiece was finished, the instructor had them destroy it. They did this exercise day after day.

The first time I read Hank’s story it gave me a bit of anxiety because I thought about my writing and questioned how I would react if all my “hard work” suddenly disappeared.

I even brought up it to one of my good friends and like a true stoic he said he would be okay if something like this happened.

And I thought about all of this too… the art class exercise and then also my friend’s reaction…and I realized the reason I love writing so much is because I love the process of it.

I love pounding out the keys on the keyboard every evening– trying to make something out of nothing.

That’s the real beauty in it.

To be able to create is to be able to have infinite possibilities.

 Michael Shook said in his post today,

“I think creating sparks the soul.”

And that’s why I need to be able to create in my life… we all do in some form or fashion. It sparks our soul and I believe, it gives some meaning to our existence.

So while I may suck at my little doodles now, I’m going to enjoy this process of relearning how to draw. Afterall, if it weren’t for the process, there could never be an end goal.


Thank you for reading!

❤ Aleesha

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