To Monetize or Not to Monetize: That is the Question…Again

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In an interesting turn of events, Medium is now allowing writers to publish their locked stories in publications.

Being that Mr. Molly Maguire and I are co-editors of, “On the Rise”, this poses a curious dilemma. We recently received two locked posts submissions to the publication and have had to discuss what to do.

Most of us already knew this was the direction Medium was heading. And just for the record, I’m not mad at them for trying to make money and I also think it’s awesome writers are getting a little extra cash for their craft.

For a moment, I too decided to take part.

February 23rd of this year, I made an announcement that I would be participating in the Medium Partner program and then May 3rd I said I guess I’m not monetizing after all. I had only posted one locked post between both of those dates and it had made just under $10 for about 175 claps.

My only qualm about the Medium Partner Program is readers would have to pay a membership fee to access my posts on Medium after their initial 3 free reads.

The whole reason I started writing on Medium was because I knew it was a great opportunity to get visibility. I had a story to share and I wanted to get it in front of as many people as possible. I thought why lock the posts and possibly lessen the number of people that are able to see them. At first that seemed to be working in my favor.

Only one month into writing on Medium these were my stats:

These are my stats now (Ouch!):

Clearly, I was getting my story in front of a whole lot of people in the beginning and now that I’m at 6,000 views, I’m not mad at that either, but my views are definitely losing steam and have been steadily declining every since Medium has been increasingly pushing the Partner Program.

So what do I do?

That is the question of the ages.

I don’t want to be that oblivious person who sticks to their guns so much that they are left behind because they are unwilling to deal with change.

Is this a case where I should have “strong convictions loosely held”?

I was pondering it today and I have some ideas:

All of my posts from February 26th and forward also appear on my personal website (for free). Perhaps I could put a little blurb at the top of my Medium profile that lets nonmembers know where they can view all my content. I could also place a little blurb at the end of my posts explaining that too.

Tiffany Sun pastes this at the end of her posts:

This post was originally published on You can find all of my posts, including ones I don’t post on Medium at

And also I discovered the following interesting tidbit in an e-mail today…

Partial clip from Medium’s e-mail:

So maybe that’s enough.

If I have all my content on my blog for free and I share “friend links” on social media, relatively anyone would have access to my content as long as they know about these alternative avenues to reach me.

Then again, maybe I’m overanalyzing things and no one gives a crap whether I lock my posts or not.

There’s no guarantee that putting posts in the Partner Program will get me back to my “former days of glory” but I’m still curious.

I’m going to think about it some more, but I’d love to hear your thoughts:

As a writer what is your experience with locked vs unlocked posts?

As a reader, do you care if writers lock their posts? And if you are opposed to it, would accessing their posts through another avenue be an appealing alternative?


Thank you for reading!

❤ Aleesha

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