Just Released My First Unscripted Podcast with Aman Litt

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“Wow, I actually think I can edit this episode like really quick.”

My thoughts last night as I finished up my 4th podcast conversation. The guest was writer, Aman Litt.

It was only a couple of weeks ago, I had pulled an all-nighter to edit and release my first podcast episode on time.

I’m embarrassed to say I had already been working on the edits here and there throughout the month of April and the cumulative time I spent editing was more than 8 hours.

Yesterday, I finished the edits in no more than one hour. 

How is that even possible?

If you read some of my posts before, you guys already know, I was having some serious qualms about letting go of the script. I had all intents of using my discussion points as a loose guide when I started this podcast thing, but I quickly resorted to reading it pretty much line per line during the first recording and partly during the second. I made so many “errors” that the edits were basically me trying to make something out of my awkward replies.

Crazy right? lol

The third podcast I let go of the script but I was nervous about doing so, so that will be an interesting edit as well.

Prior to yesterday, my prep process involved spending an hour beforehand, running through questions and possible outcomes of questions and writing little notes.

This time, I read a couple of my guest’s blog posts for 15 minutes before our call, logged onto Zencastr and as soon as my guest joined I clicked record. The only thing I did with the edits this time was remove two small things and take out the delay.

I don’t know how it is possible that I was making it so hard on myself before, but hey you live you learn. I am relieved I’m finally starting to “get it”.

It really paid to step outside my comfort zone and outside my head.

My 4th guest, like my first, is also in the process of writing a fiction novel. In addition to that, she goes to school, works and blogs. During our conversation, we talk about impostor syndrome, perfectionism, mediation and being high-achiever.

I’m continuing to be inspired by the number of amazing people that I’ve connected with on Medium.

I would love if you guys listen to my second episode at the bottom of this post. Please let me know what you think.

Also, be sure to give my guest, Aman Litt some love. <3






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P.S. Thanks a bunch to my first 3 guests who were guinea pigs to me figuring this whole podcast thing out. Though I’m a little out of order, I will be editing the second two episodes over the next couple weeks and releasing those as well.

All my guests were amazing and I’m excited to get the rest of their stories out. 

P.P.S.  If you want to connect with a community high achievers like the ones featured on this podcast, be sure to follow On the Rise, a new publication with stories from high-achievers around the world. =)







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