We Can Only Connect the Dots Looking Backwards

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It took me until yesterday to finally acknowledge my past customer service jobs served a purpose.

I worked customer service for a little over 5 years with 3 different companies. 90% of the time I spent loathing my jobs and contemplating exit routes only to exit and enter back into the same field with a different company.  I knew people at each company who had been there for 30+ years and was always perplexed by how they could willingly choose to do this themself for so long. The only explanation I can think of is that they actually liked the job.

It definitely wasn’t my thing and for the past several years I was bent on thinking my time doing customer service was a waste and that I gained nothing.

My perception changed early this AM…

I had put on my “professional voice” while doing the intro to the podcast and suddenly had a small flashback. It was like I was on the phones again- only this time I was enjoying it.

I felt like the universe gave me a little wink and I rolled my eyes as I thought,

“Okay, so all that for this.”

As much as I say I need to work on my communication skills,  they’re already there. After 5 years of  60+ back to back calls a day, they better be. The skills were just dormant and remembering that, helped me find my groove in the podcast today.

I’m sure there’s more to benefit from during that time in my life and it will be uncovered later in some other form.

The other day on different episode, my cohost mentioned the importance of finding the good in every situation. That’s been hard to do in certain rough points in my life. I tended to focus on what I didn’t like instead of what I did like, however minuscule it may have been.

Thankfully, I’m finally on the right path and doing what I truly love but what I would remind my old and even future self is,

“Stay positive. What you’re going through may not make sense now, but it will later on.”

Like Steve Jobs said,

“You can only connect the dots looking backward.”

With the handful of projects, I’m currently working on, I can’t be sure where they all will lead. I imagine where I would like things to go, but I’m often, in a good way, far off from where things will actually land. That’s the beauty of trusting in the process and having faith in the journey.

We’re all given the experiences we need and the things we deserve. One day I’ll look back in amazement as I connect the dots and make sense of how I came into my own.

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