Yeah, We’re Different but We’re Kind of the Same Too

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This morning I had all intents of writing about how certain business projects I started, fell apart, due to lack of commitment from friends.

I had started to browse some articles on my feed and came across one that was nearly identical in topic to what I wanted to write. One paragraph, in particular, was like verbatim, something I would say.

My initial thought was,

“Heyyy you stole my idea…”

Except obviously they didn’t because they already wrote it.

This is not the first time I’ve come across an article that closely matched my own pattern of thinking. It was only once I started writing on Medium that I realized we are all a lot more similar than I tend to think.


Medium is made up a group of avid writers and readers, so we have that in common. Beyond that, I do tend to follow people whose writing resonates with me. But still, I am taken aback by seeing myself in other’s experiences.

Even the posts on Medium tends to flow in a certain direction from one week to the next. People read similar things, think similar things about what they read and then, in turn, write about similar things.

One week a lot of us were talking about how we didn’t know what to write, the next the problems of our youth. Sure, when we’re reading other people’s stuff it subconsciously influences us to write something similar. But the fact is, we frequently have a similar experience to write about.

There’s a slim to none chance that any one of my life experiences is unique to me. They sure as heck feel unique when I’m going through them, but they’re just not. That’s in part why I don’t care too much about what I’m “exposing” because I know someone else has experienced it.

The majority of the world struggles with indecision and putting ideas into action. Plenty of people are trying to figure out how to be more productive. We all have dreams. No one likes being unhappy.

There are so many underlying universal themes in humanity.

I used to think we were vastly different and though to some extent, we are, we are the same time very similar.

The more we have in common, the more we have in common.




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