What Happened to the Business I Restarted?

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The last time I wrote about my business was nearly a month and a half ago. My sisters and I had ordered 710 headbands from China after which some unforeseen circumstances delayed the order. It left me frustrated and on the verge of scrapping the entire project. I thought maybe I’d quit and once the headbands arrived, I’d resell them on eBay at wholesale pricing.

The Easy Way Out

This is my 3rd attempt at trying to get this business off the ground.

Third time is supposed to be “a charm”.

In the past, I quit the business because I got tired of sewing the headbands and decided this type of business just wasn’t my thing anymore. The second time I was off-site away from my inventory and couldn’t manage the shipping and one “employee”.

But all of those were the excuses I was telling myself so I could feel good about not forging ahead.

The truth was there was a solution to all of my problems. It’s the same thing in life, there is usually a solution. In some cases, it’s been appropriate for me to quit, but others I’ve self-sabotaged by telling myself a lie.


To New Beginnings

So China shipped the headbands out this morning and sent me an e-mail with the tracking info.

It’s somewhat intimidating that in a week or less I’m going to have a little under 1,000 headbands sitting on the porch.

And we’re going to have to sell them all.

Once we do, it should profit us about $6,000. The idea was to sell the first batch quickly, primarily through promotion on Instagram with our page of 8,000 followers and a network of influencers. After some sales start coming in, we wanted to reorder the next batch with the profits from the first.

We want to leave all the money in the business for the first 18 months.

Of course, it’s been some time since my sisters and I had our last meeting, so we’re going to have to reconvene and revisit the details of all of this.

I’m excited to tackle this head on and the most important thing to me now is that I give it my best shot.


Thank you for reading!

❤ Aleesha

Day 188


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