What Happens When You Reach A Writing Plateau?

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I’m going to try something interesting today.

I have an online position that I do 21 hours a week and I usually break it up into 3-4 hour increments each day.

It’s easy work and though I’m grateful for this position, sometimes it feels like a nuisance because it is not a very productive use of time for what the work is valued.

Today, I’ve decided to attempt to complete my daily writing at the same time as I do my online work, essentially doing 4-5 hours of work in 3.

When I started this challenge, I talked about stretching myself.

I actually wrote a whole article about it here.

Before I started writing daily, it seemed likest the biggest stretch of the imagination for me to be able to do so. I quickly discovered it was only an impossible task until I decided otherwise.

Save my brief stint of writer’s block last week, my posts are no longer taking hours to complete, I’ve found a sort of rhythm and daily writing has become manageable.

If you picture someone lifting weights, it’s like I’ve been lifting a similar amount of weight for 128 days and I’ve reached a sort of plateau. I’m not saying I have become this amazing writer or anything like that, but it’s time for me to think about what else I can do to grow at this point in the challenge.

Comfortability can lead to complacency and that’s something I want to avoid.

Work Smarter Not Harder

In addition to trying to test out new things with my productivity during the day, I’m going to work smarter by getting the most out of Medium as a platform.

Just a couple of days ago, I had a phone conversation with one of my favorite writers on Medium. We had a discussion about leverage and I was reminded that in whatever work I am doing, it is important to look for opportunities to leverage my work to the maximum potential.

On my 19th day of writing on Medium, I wrote the post, “Remember Successful People Have 24 Hours Too.”   The post was about how I planned to maximize exposure for my writing by writing on publications, using Facebook groups and networking. I am embarrassed to say I have only consistently done one of the three things I was blabbering about and that is writing on Medium publications.

Being a little over a third of the way through this challenge, it was time to take a second look at what I should be doing to grow. There’s no use crying over the spilled milk of missed opportunities but it is time to step things up a notch.

One of the things, I’ve just accomplished today was starting a writing collaboration. I’ll be able to share more details about in the upcoming days but I’m really excited about it and anticipate it will grow into something great.

Writing on Medium has opened a lot of doors–ones that I never expected and am seriously grateful for.

It’s only right to give back to something that has already given me so much, so I plan on doing my best by pushing myself to the next level. Who knows how far this can go.


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Day 128






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