What’s Your Learning Style? Mine is Kinesthetic

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Lectures used to bore me to death in school.

I would intentionally check out and come up with something to daydream about until class was over.  I wasn’t trying to be rude and I didn’t have ADD, it’s just that method of teaching didn’t work well for me. The teachers seeing that I was not paying attention to the blackboard, would, of course, call on me and I would not know the answer. Before the lessons even started, I’d already determined I would go home, open my textbook and figure it out on my own.

That was the best way I understood the material.

The other day, I was talking to an acquaintance of mine about how lectures never did it for me and they said they were the exact opposite. They said the only thing they did was pay attention to the lectures and then they would go home, not study anything additional and still perform well on the tests (unless there was material outside the lecture on it).

It got me thinking and last week, I decided to look up the different learning styles.

I am mostly a kinesthetic learner.

 I think this explains why I ask minimal questions, and when I do ask, I just want the main points so I can go and figure out the rest.

I have another acquaintance, who needs to be shown things and likes long drawn out explanations. It was hard for me to understand at first.She would ask me questions like how to make a flyer in Word, or how to change settings on a computer or how to open an e-mail attachment. She usually wants someone to show her the steps. I understand now, that she is mostly a visual learner.

It’s so interesting how learning can be a unique experience for each individual. Finding out that I learn best kinesthetically makes a lot of sense and it’s something for me to be mindful of going forward.

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