Where We’re Moving and What I’m Doing to Get There

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Today, I recorded a 3-minute demo video for a contract teaching position.

I had applied for it last November when I was still living abroad and never completed the demo video because of the intimidating sample. I reopened the e-mail today, shot the demo, got it right on the second take and sent it off to the company. I’m feeling confident I’ll get the position.

I’ll be teaching English to elementary children in China an hour or two in the early AM via video chat.

Four days ago I said I’ll be moving and one of the first steps in preparation is making sure I have some extra cash on hand. Over the next three months, I’ll be saving for plane tickets and for an extra stash of savings.

If you haven’t guessed it yet, we’re heading back to Costa Rica.

I’m sure that may have been slightly obvious seeing that I can’t write a post without mentioning the place. My son still talks to his best friend in CR every week and now I can finally give him an answer when he asks me when we’re returning.

It’ll be just a few months now.

I’ve thought about my writing and podcasting and how this move will impact that. It won’t too much, but I will have to record/write 2-3 days ahead, just to be safe. It’s probably something I should have done at the start of this challenge but there hasn’t been a specific need to do so. If my internet doesn’t work in the US, there’s plenty of places I can go within a 10-mile radius to get some free WiFi (first world country “problems”).

The day I made the decision I built a list of things to accomplish, like negotiating a new rent with our old landlord, contacting the school in CR, booking flights, tying up loose ends in the states, etc. I think I’ll accomplish most of it within the next month and this time I have nothing to sell or get rid of. 

The kids and I are very excited to return. We have a bunch of friends to unite with and even 3 “puppies” we left with a friend of ours.

The overall feeling I have with this decision is at peace. Everything I do here, I can do there and I can also be in the place that I love. I’m looking forward to updating you on this journey as I’m on my way back to my home away from home. 😀

Thank you for reading!

❤ Aleesha

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