Where Your Focus Goes, Your Energy Flows

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There’s a couple of things that have been griping me and for the past couple weeks, I have been really focused in on them, mostly because I was looking for a solution.

Today, I was even complaining a bit but then realized I have to let it go.

I don’t have an immediate solution and really my issues are quite minor in the grand scheme of things.

If I keep my head down, be patient, grateful and continue to focus on the things I’m working on, things will naturally start to dissipate and evolve into something greater. There’s no sense in dwelling because it’s unnecessarily draining and my energy is better focused on the things I can immediately impact, like writing or podcasting, or my business.

In the past, every time I hit a rut in the road I would stop and dwell, obsessively.

A few years ago, I changed that.

In 2014, 3 months after graduating college, I had just given birth to my second son. I was on maternity leave and doing a little part-time accounting work when I could. I was living in a nice townhome in an upscale school district but it was a cover, underneath it, I was in a terrible financial situation and feeling miserable.

One day, I stopped myself dead in the middle of a moping session and a thought occurred to me,

“This is not the way things have to be.”

Mentally I decided I would be in a much better situation in 3 months

. I thought,

“In 3 months my life will look totally different. I will focus on that, instead of what I don’t want.”

This was before I knew anything about vision boards or the law of attraction or all that good stuff.  I just knew things were going to get better and they did.

A few days after my epiphany, I was casually browsing the internet and came across a site that had work from home positions. I found a job, applied and the next day they called me back with an automated phone interview. I recorded and submitted responses and the following evening they e-mailed me and said I was hired. The hours perfectly coincided with my baby’s napping schedule.

Later it occurred to me that I should get a roommate. I went on Craigslist of all places and found the perfect match on the first try. My roommate stayed with us the next 2 years, bringing in an extra $600/month.

Within a month of focusing on what I wanted things had made a 180 turn.

By 3 months, I was back in a “good place.”

It was then I realized that what stands between me and what I desire is never the big a mountain that it seems.

It’s a just a matter of where my focus is.

“Where focus goes, energy flows.”

This has been proven in my life, time and time again and I’m glad I was reminded of it today.

I’m right on the cusp of something great. So I’m going to continue to focus on where I’m going and put all my energy towards that.

In 3 months, today’s minor qualms will be long forgotten.


Thanks for reading ❤


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