Why Being Different Has Been the Best Thing in Life

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I remember when I first started homeschooling my oldest.

Despite having purposefully moved to a top-notch school district, at the end of the second grade I found myself utterly frustrated with some of the things that had been going on.

A couple of weeks into summer break, I was sitting at my desk, thinking of a solution and the idea of homeschool popped into my mind.

I started to shake my head as if to dislodge it, but over the next month the idea grew and grew.

What if?…

By the end of the summer, I made my decision.

I had done my research and though I was a bit nervous, I wanted to give this homeschool thing a shot.

When the time came to announce the decision to family and friends, there was not a single person who was on my side. 

It was a foreign idea that jolted familiar realities and people tend to object to what they don’t know.

Even I had my qualms at first, but I chose to cross into the unknown. This time it was beautiful and not the scary monster others had thought.

Everyone is on board now, even going as far as to advocate homeschool as a viable option.

During the summer of my “spiritual awakening,” I read the book, “The Master Key System”. I made a vision board and would sit on the bench in a nearby tennis court visualizing my dreams and meditating for 25 minutes each morning.

It was the first time, I had ever felt that positive and that in tune with who I am. Even when days weren’t perfect, they still felt perfectly imperfect.

When I told my strict Christian mother about my vision board and meditation routine, she thought I had lost myself to some voodoo magic tricks.

It was funny because a few months ago, there was a woman’s retreat at the church and they sent all the ladies home with their own vision boards.

My mom had excitedly shown me that she now had one too. So maybe she thinks I’ve found myself again…

That’s the thing with being different, you’re often one of the few to try something “new”.

My dreams often make sense only to me, but that’s the risk I’m willing to take because at the end of the day, I’m the one who has to live with my life.

There are those who always cling to the security of what they know, but that doesn’t work for me anymore. If I never changed, I would still be sitting at my office desk taking call after call all while being unhappy with my life.

If I’m different, it’s not because I intended to be, it’s just a byproduct of pursuing what I love. And doing what I love… well that’s the only way for me to live.


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