Why I Can’t Be Upset When the Algorithm Changes

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Today I was reminded of how important it is to stay ready.

I have to remain fluid, be able to be in the present but also be calculative for the future.

That’s why today I found myself on Medium scanning a few other profiles, comparing results from Partner Program posts, to unlocked posts, to posts in publications. We heard it all along, but it’s definitely here now, Medium is clearly favoring partner program posts and posts that are longer in length.

I was in a bit of denial a couple weeks ago, I didn’t want it to be the case. I want to do what I want to do and I don’t want to monetize my posts, but of course Medium doesn’t care about that, they want to make their $$.

And that’s okay.

If I took the time to build a big platform, at some point I’d monetize too.

The reason I chose to write on Medium in the first place was because the audience was already here. I was only a month or so in when I received my first article with 2,000+ views. It was a crazy feeling to know the exposure was so readily available.

That has changed now and today I am reminded, to still be grateful. One of my favorite social media experts said,

“You shouldn’t complain about the algorithm changing, you are building on a platform FOR FREE.”

It’s so true. I was able to build a small following over the past 146 days, talk to several amazing people, and start a podcast and a publication all for free.

That was unheard of 50 years ago.

The internet has changed the game.

People are building businesses off of social media. I had a little taste of that myself when I made a few hundred 3 months after starting a business and simply following people on Instagram.

The popular phrase on Medium is:

“We are at the mercy of the algorithm.”

I thought about “changes” a couple of months ago and decided to write all my posts on my blog first before importing them. I didn’t want to rely on just Medium and figured I would try to grow my blog traffic at the same time as my Medium profile.

And my blog is actually starting to grow…slowly but growing nonetheless.

So what should I do with the information I discovered this morning?

Maybe nothing…

It’s mostly just an observation. I think I’m already heading in the right direction. I have diversified by having my own blog and now there’s also my daily podcast collaboration that will be distributed across several platforms. I’m not married to any one particular idea and am going to continue to think of ways to leverage.

Regardless of anything, there are still 219 days left to my daily challenge and I’ll be writing until the end =).


Thanks for reading ❤


Day 146






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