Why I Started with My Strength

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Generally speaking, I think we can do anything we put our mind too.

Despite that, there’s those who clearly have a natural talent above anyone else. When natural talent is matched with focus, it’s one of the strongest combinations for success.

Just yesterday, I saw Ready Player One, a movie directed by Steven Spielberg. I was amazed by the level of skill and talent put into the film. At 16, Spielberg created his first film and over the years he has created many award-winning films. If someone else, with less talent, put the same amount of work in as Spielberg, it’s questionable if they would have achieved the same results.

I always hear,

“Hard work beats talent any day.”

True statement. 

But pair talent and hard work together and the result is unmatched.

For this reason, I often found myself wishing I would pick one talent and apply laser focus to it.


Growing up I was creative. I liked drawing, painting, writing, singing, dancing…. I liked it all. Anything that allowed me to creatively express myself, I was all for it.

 Writing chose me.

I don’t write because I can’t live without writing. I write because I can’t live without the freedom of expressing myself. 


When I was trying to figure out what to do and couldn’t figure out my passion, I kept coming across a video that said,


“If you don’t know what to do, start with your strengths.”

This is a large part of the reason I started with writing — I had a knack for it. It is the form in which I best express myself.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m in the very beginning stages and before Medium I hadn’t written for years. But still, I felt something was there… something wasn’t being used, yet needed to be used.

Have you ever seen someone doing something, maybe paint an amazing picture or give a killer speech and think,

“Oh, I could do that”?

I feel that way about writing.

Ask me to code a computer program, I won’t say that. Sure, I’d be able to figure it out…eventually, but it wouldn’t be without pain and it wouldn’t come easy.

And that’s not to say I wouldn’t go after programming were it actually my passion. It just wouldn’t be the path of least resistance.

Writing is that path of least resistance for me, so write I shall.

We don’t get to choose our gifts, but we can use them to our advantage.


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