Why I’m Sending Some Projects to the Chopping Block

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Today, I’ve gotten all my ammo out to write; my green tea, my focus music and I’m sitting on the front porch watching the sun melt into the horizon.

Every new undertaking requires some navigation at first.

My little one burst into the room when I was in the middle of recording the podcast the other afternoon.

“Mommy, Marquis is doing something bad, really really bad!” 

I stopped midsentence and as the oldest one (Marquis) is trying to wrangle him back out the room, there is a burst of screams like someone is dying.

It wasn’t at the time but three hours later that I had a good laugh as I played back the recording. You would have probably enjoyed hearing that one unscripted, but alas that is one of the “technical issues” that required me to do some editing.

Now, I’m testing out recording at 1:30 am instead of 3:30 pm. 

I’ve always been pretty flexible with my hours and I’m both a night owl and an early riser. I like the peace and quiet of the night and the aloneness of my thoughts without the interruptions of kiddos and other busyness. But I also like the early mornings with the sound of the birds chirping and feeling like a “responsible” human being, making the most out of my day.

But I don’t pick a preference now. I just do what works, so we’ll see how this goes.

It was a couple of years ago, that I was working on one of my projects and my mom said,

“You must like challenges.”

And after I thought about it, I had to agree. I do like challenges. The good type and now I’m learning to take them on in moderation.

For example, though I no longer have aspirations of working as an accountant, there was a little side project I had agreed to do for a family business. It was only a few hours a month, but lately, it’s been aggravating me when the project comes up because I am busy with other stuff and have to stop and redirect my focus.

A couple of days ago was my last day on the project and I can’t tell you how relieved I was.

Back in January, when I started this challenge, I was ramping up and trying to figure out the course of action for the next several months. I was throwing everything out there to see what stuck but over the last couple of months and even weeks, I’ve found the main contenders. Some of the extra stuff is going to have to come off the table and now is the hard decision of what to send to the chopping block.

Don’t worry, my writing, the publication, and my podcast are here to stay. I’ve discovered these are my favorite things and I can really see doing them long-term.

I do like a challenge, but if I want to finish strong, I have to put my focus all-in on what matters most.


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