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Two days ago, my friend, Mr. Molly Maguire and I started a new publication, On the Rise.

It took us some time to come up with our little blurb,

“A community of high-achievers on our climb to the top.”

After we selected a random photo from Unsplash, we plugged it in as our avatar and the publication was born.

I have a  good feeling about this collab.

We’ve already had our first guest contributor, Gabriel Iosa.

Gabriel published,“How I Overcame My Fear Of Going Freelance Full-Time.”, a post about how he went from jobless to full-time freelancer in 5 months.

It’s those types of stories that inspire me and remind me the climb is essential for greatness.

I remember my first day of this daily writing challenge.

I had 12 followers at the time. And I know, I know,  ‘it’s not all about followers’, but seriously I couldn’t help myself, I did think about it. Back then I looked at an account with 1000 followers and it seemed crazy, even daunting to reach that number. But now I’m almost there…

It was all about trusting in the climb and knowing if I put in the work, I would reap the reward. And the reward has been much more than simply growing as a profile. I have formed great relationships and talked to a handful of people around the world…people who are high achievers and are doing amazing things with their lives.

I wasn’t anticipating all of that.

I  have a podcast conversation tomorrow with someone from Canada and on Saturday with someone traveling in Kenya. I’ve received a few messages on social media from people inspired by something I’ve wrote. And now I’m at the start of this awesome publication collab.

It’s a bit strange to think about sometimes.

All of these things here and there are happening because I decided to write every day…because I decided to step into the thing that was calling me, instead of being lazy,  making excuses and continuing to avoid it.

And trust me, that has definitely been me in the past.

At a certain point, we all have to answer to our purpose and we can either say yes or no.

I’m glad for once I said yes. To think that if I didn’t write, all of the doors would have remained shut, is a wake-up call.

We never know what great things are in store. So instead of being scared of the climb we just have to face it.


You may know by now, I used to be a sprinter. I hated long distance running in high school. The week the gym teacher told us,

“Okay, guys we’re going to start practicing because this week we are going to be running the mile…”

was the week everyone in gym class groaned. Those weeks were such a drab.

Oh, the way my lungs would burn from lap one around the track as all my senses were screaming,

“No I can’t do this, I can’t make it!” 

About midway through lap two, I would accept that I was indeed running the mile and I had to finish it. Lap 3, all my thoughts would silence and I would get into the flow of it. My focus went to my breath, my heartbeat and echoes of my feet pounding the pavement.  Lap 4, was the sprint to the finish.

It’s never really easy at the start. No one knows what the hell they’re doing when they’re at true zero, but you have to trust that you will get into the flow of things and you will finish.

Once we take that first step, it’s amazing how quickly we can rise.

That’s largely why we settled on this name, “On the Rise” for our publication.  Life is a journey for all, but only a few will accept the challenge to do more than just survive. Only a few will rise.

We have added a handful of writers to our publication and would love to have even more join our community. If you have an amazing journey to share, please send us a private note.

I am excited to see what’s in store for the next leg of this journey!


Thank you for reading 


Day 130



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