On Daily Writing When Your Kids’ Birthdays are Coming Up

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I put off asking a YouTuber to be on my podcast a couple weeks for no real reason or maybe I was worried he would say no. Nevertheless, I sent him a message yesterday evening and within 10 minutes we had arranged our conversation for the following week. It was a great feeling.

Tonight, I have to write two posts and after that, I’m going to be working on editing the first episode which will be released on May 7th. Last night, I downloaded Audacity (podcast editing software), but that first editing session was lacking some skills on my part.

Remember how I said I learn by doing?

Well, I was trying to find a simple video that explained just one or two features I needed to use, but the videos were kind of lengthy so I skipped over them and tried to figure things out myself. The problem was I was in a rush to get in bed by my 12 am deadline.

Previously, I was staying up until 2 am but every morning at 6, my 3-year-old was up, bright-eyed and either crawling all over or jumping on me asking for bananas and raisins. In a drunken-like state, I would run to the kitchen grab the snacks and quick give those, along with legos or another activity to him, so I could squeeze the last bit of sleep in.

This wasn’t ideal and after a couple months, I decided to rework the plan.

Now, I’m much more productive and hopefully tonight, I’ll get a good chunk of editing done.

So about the two posts I have to write. Well, this is one of them and then I’m going to finish the majority of another one.

When I started this daily writing challenge, I didn’t account for birthdays and holidays. My boys’ birthdays are within a day of each other, on this upcoming Wednesday and Thursday.

They are 7 years 1 day apart.

The oldest’s birthday is Wednesday and the youngest tried really hard to come on his brother’s birthday and steal the show.

He was one week overdue and we had just finished an exhausting day of celebrating with his brother at the trampoline park (I wasn’t jumping) and movies. At 10:30 pm when I had just laid down and closed my eyes to go to sleep, I went into labor. I was like,

“You have got to be kidding me!@#”

My youngest had no chill, he still doesn’t lol.  I got my tired self up, went to the hospital and the next morning at 9:33am he arrived.

He’s my extroverted and energetic little one. 

Anyway, so I have these birthdays to navigate around and the only things I’ll be writing those two days are probably some closing sentences and “Thank you for reading <3. Day 102. Day103”.

Maybe I’ll write some more about my boys for those days. Guess we’ll see!


Thank you for reading ❤




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