You Get What You Pay For: I Outsourced My Logo Design for Cheap

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In most cases, you get what you pay for. 

That was my thought this morning as I sent off the 3rd request for a refund for a design that looks nothing like the samples or description I sent.


The Back Story

Last year, I gave graphic designing a go. It was a fun experiment that probably lasted under a month. I even sold one of the t-shirt designs I made during this time. Don’t judge me too hard, but here are a couple of the designs I came up with:


This was supposed to be a depiction of one of the taxis in Cuba, my sis thought it was a baby carriage (fair enough haha).


As you can see, I am a beginner.

Recently, I started a side project that involved creating a logo. I thought it would be a fun undertaking, but I’ve been pretty occupied with my work, writing and other life happenings, so I never had the chance to design it. Also, in light of my post the other day about focusing on my strengths I decided to hand the logo design off to a professional that could get it done faster and better than I could.

I went to Fiverr and selected a designer with a 5-star review and nice sample logos. I had anticipated something at least better than what I could do, but despite my detailed message with picture samples, I received back a logo with plain lettering and a picture of a bird pasted in between the two words I had selected.

After politely telling the designer that it lacked some of the details I outlined, he tried again but it was the same struggle. It was basically the same design with the bird slightly smaller.

I determined it was just going to be one of those things and asked the seller if he could cancel and refund the project lest he or I waste any more time.

Long story short there was some back and forth over a 4 day period and today, he finally sent my refund.

Note to self- I might need to spend more than $50 if I want a decent logo.


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